Wild Animal Adventures invites kids ages 6 – 12 to our summer day camp! Learn many things about animals, nature, and the universe around us. Each day will be an adventure – kids will learn everything about our animals, how to take care of them, and what they eat and how they play.


Cost: $210 per week per child

Jr. Naturalist: Habitat is everything. Explore the aspects of habitat for a variety of animals and how the different items in a habitat build the health and happiness of animals.

Aquatic Animal Specialist: Sharks, rays, eels… Can’t get enough? This camp will focus on our aquatic residents!

Jr Zookeeper: Get ready to be a parent!!! You will adopt a resident of the zoo and find out what makes them tick! Participate intimately in the daily life of your adopted kiddo!

Herp Specialist: Snakes, lizards, crocodilians… Sound like fun?! This camp will focus on our cold-blooded friends!

Animal Health and Nutrition: Destined to be a veterinarian? This camp will explore the delicate combinations of nutrition, environment, enrichment and interaction that makes our animals happy and healthy.

Animal Playtime: Play is an important aspect of a healthy animals’ life. Explore the variety of play that animals engage in and make tools and toys to aid in their play.


To register, please fill out the following form. Once you submit your form, please call 573-927-5151 to make your payment.